Chris Rogers

Partner, Lumia Capital

Christopher T. Rogers, J.D. is a Partner at Lumia Capital a San Francisco based, growth stage Venture Capital firm investing in the US and selected global markets including MENA, LATAM and SEA.  At Lumia Chris is responsible for leading the firm’s global investment and value-add activities for companies with significant exposure to mobile platforms. Prior to Lumia, Chris was the co-founder of Nextel Communications which he grew to $13B in sales and 19k employees before being acquired by Sprint for $35 billion. Chris brings more than 30 years of mobile and technology experience as a founder, advisor, and operator. Most recently, Chris served as a Senior Vice President at Sprint (Fortune 100, 36K employees), where he oversaw strategic mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, equity investments and joint ventures. He also was responsible for management and oversight of wireless spectrum licenses and Sprint’s portfolio of emerging technology and innovation investments.

Prior to the 2005 acquisition, Chris helped spearhead the roll-up of local carriers that transformed Nextel into a major US operator. He also led the series of transactions in Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Brazil that resulted in the creation of Nextel International, now an independent public company which reached over $6B of revenues. Chris was also responsible for negotiations with regulators, investors, and carriers in China, Saudi Arabia, India, Jordan, Malaysia and Pakistan, among other countries.

Chris is a frequent speaker and panelist at wireless and technology forums throughout the world with a particular focus on how to bring the innovation of tech ecosystems into Wireless carrier operations and offerings.

Throughout his time at Nextel and Sprint, Chris sat on the boards of numerous venture-backed companies across five continents. Additionally, Chris has served as a director on multiple public company boards and as well as several Washington, D.C.-based philanthropic organizations. He currently sits on the board of Digital Turbine (NASDAQ:APPS), NII Holdings (NASDAQ:NIHD) and multiple private companies.

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