Dayna Grayson


Dayna joined NEA in 2012 and focuses on investments in both business and consumer services. She is a Director of OnShape, Desktop Metal, FiftyThree, APX Labs, Curalate, and Pocket, among others. Dayna is interested in how design accelerates both consumer and enterprise adoption of new products. She invests in companies that provide tangible consumer utility or enterprise productivity in the form of time savings, greater visibility of interrelated tasks, or simply, delightful day-to-day experiences that were once mundane. Dayna founded the NEA Design Studio in 2013 and works closely with NEA’s Design Partner, Albert Lee.

Prior to joining NEA, Dayna was an investor at North Bridge where she focused on early stage digital media, consumer internet, and SaaS investments. She was involved with companies including Camiant (acquired by Tekelec), Tapjoy, and Viximo (acquired by Tapjoy), where she was interim CEO in 2009.

Before her investment career, Dayna spent many years as a product designer. She got the bug for entrepreneurship in college where she worked with a professor to commercialize an eye gaze tracking technology and form Eye Response Technologies (FKA Erica, Inc). After a couple of years in the consulting world after college, Dayna joined Blackbaud [NASDAQ: BLKB], the leading global provider of software to nonprofit organizations. From 2001-2004, she led the design of several accounting products while the company grew to over $130 million in revenue and completed a successful public offering.

Dayna has a BS from the University of Virginia in Systems Engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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