Jerry Neumann

VC, Neu Venture Capital

Jerry Neumann is a veteran venture investor, investing in internet startups for the past twenty years from New York City. He has been called one of New York’s top early stage investors by Business Insider, a “known quantity” by the New York Observer, and “responsible-sounding” by the Wall Street Journal.
Jerry got his bachelor’s and master’s in electrical engineering at Columbia University. He then worked at IBM, where he designed a very small part of the CP microcode execution engine for the S/390 series of mainframes. In the mid-90s he was part of the team that rebooted Prodigy and then went to Omnicom Group to run their venture capital arm. After Omnicom, Jerry cofounded Root Markets, an early pioneer in applying the techniques and tools of financial markets to marketing.
Jerry has been investing through Neu Venture Capital for the past ten years. Neu invests very early-stage, primarily in enterprise software. Notable investments include The Trade Desk, Datadog, Flurry, BankSimple, Premise, Percolate, Bonsai, Clubhouse, and StrongDM.
Jerry teaches entrepreneurship at Columbia University and writes at

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