Kanyi Maqubela

Partner, Kindred

My name is Kanyi Maqubela. I was born in Soweto, a township outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, during apartheid. I grew up in New England, attending Phillips Academy. I did undergraduate and graduate (2x drop-out) studies at Stanford University, where my major was in Philosophy, and studied all sorts of things, most notably computer science, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. I have taught elementary and middle school math and science. Working on Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign is, to date, the most meaningful and difficult work I’ve ever done. I really enjoyed being on the teaching team for Design Your Life, a class for undergraduates out of the Stanford Design Program. For my first job, I served on the initial team at Doostang, an online career community which was acquired by Universum Global. I was also part of the team at One Block Off The Grid, an internet-based solar sales business which was spun out of the incubator Virgance. 1BOG was acquired by Pure Energies Group (now $NRG). Among the random work I’ve done, I’ve consulted with a South African private equity firma small-car companythe designers behind the mousea magazine for people who give a damn. In my last job, I was a venture capitalist with Collaborative Fund, an early-stage fund that is trying to make the world better, one investment at a time. I loved teaching undergraduate students at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for a few semesters. I hope to do more of that. Most of my internet activity can be found on Twitter lately.

I try to write as diligently as I can. I believe in God, love my family, and currently spend most days in New York City with my wife and son.

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