Sanjit Dang

Investment Director, Intel Capital

Sanjit is an Investment Director at Intel Capital. He drives investments in several areas like Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Big Data, IoT, eCommerce, etc. He is on the Board of several top companies.

Sanjit has been on Hillary Clinton’s Tech/Innovation Policy Advisory team. He is also on University of California President’s Innovation Council. Sanjit has the fastest Eng PhD from University of Illinois (2yrs 9mo after undergrad), which he received in 2000 with top research awards. He also attended the Venture Capital Executive program at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. He’s an invited Speaker at several top events, eg SURGE/WebSummit, TiECon, ShopTalk, McKinsey leadership event, Silicon Valley Open Doors, Global Big Data and IoT conferences. He’s a mentor at Stanford and Berkeley’s Entrepreneurship programs.

He is currently an investor in DocuSign (eSignatures), True Fit (AI for eCommerce with 51 Million users), Cosy Robo (Computer Vision for Retail), Reflektion (AI for eCommerce), Body Labs (AI for Image Recognition) , MongoDB (NoSQL Database), Enlighted (IoT), Mirantis (Cloud Computing), GoodData (SaaS BI) and Arcadia Data (Data Analytics 2.0), to name a few.

He has had several Exits within 1-2 years of investment with excellent financial returns – eg VokeVR (acq by Intel within 7 months of investment), Body Labs (AI, acq Amazon), Basis Science (Wearables, acq Intel) and Maginatics (Cloud Storage, acq EMC). He is currently a Board Member in several startups, including True Fit, Cosy Robo (IoT), Reflektion (AI recommendation for eCommerce), Helpshift (Customer Service Software) and Enlighted (IoT).

Sanjit has over a decade of Exec leadership experience in Product Design, Business Development and Strategy across several domains: Big Data, Natural Language Processing, 3D Camera/Apps, Supply-Chain Analytics and Flash Memory. He has managed $2Bill/year accounts and executed >30 partnership deals in $100M-$2Bill range. Always ahead of the curve, Sanjit worked on Big Data Analytics before industry created the term ‘Big Data’. Similarly, he launched 2 online courses during grad school in 1999 and published iconic papers on learnings, way before the MOOC revolution started.

Personally, Sanjit has an interest in film-making. He has made a few short movies and taken courses in script-writing, lighting, editing and production at DeAnza College, Cupertino.

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