Tami Kesselman

Founder, AlignedInvesting

A pioneer and thought leader in impact investing, Tami is a Harvard-trained strategist and former Bain consultant
with clients at the highest levels of corporate, government, entrepreneurial and investor communities globally.
Known for her work with investors seeking social, environmental and financial returns, Tami regularly advises on
capacity building & structuring investments for heightened success across both financial & impact metrics.


After Harvard, Tami was a consultant for Bain prior to joining the global strategic planning group of American Express
where she rose through the ranks to Senior Director before leaving to launch her own initiatives, Aligned Investing
Global, taking that deep understanding of all facets of corporate success and pivoting to help founder teams with
strategic capacity building, public relations, risk mitigation, systems thinking at scale. Skilled at creating alchemy
through innovative partner alliances, Tami is often tapped to participate in launch phases for global projects, advising
high profile founders at various stages of teaming up with investment partners. Additionally, Tami was tapped by the
United Nations in 2016 to launch the Capital Markets Leadership Roundtable, bringing together some of the world’s
largest asset holders to identify and alleviate obstacles to aligning investments with the UN Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs), then again in 2017 to head strategic partnerships for the rollout of UNDP SDG Impact Finance (UNSIF),
a platform launching a series of $100mil-$200mil blended capital funds.

With an ability to detect potential issues early on and an aptitude for bringing people together for quick resolution,
Tami has been asked to join multiple boards, and to take on responsibilities otherwise reserved for attorneys,
including for the multi-million dollar leadership development and employment readiness nonprofit AIESEC U.S.,
where she was elected Chairman of the Board in 2016 after serving for a year as Chairman of the Governance
Committee. She serves on the Steering Committee for the Nexus Impact Investing Working Group, advising next gen
heirs of some of the world’s largest families on portfolio stewardship, is a leader for the Investable Solutions track
for SOCAP’s Good Capital Project and is a frequent mentor and participant in think tanks on growing SRI &
responsible investing globally. Often asked to work with accelerator organizations and individual entrepreneurial
CEOs at various stages of teaming up with corporate partners, Tami has served as a mentor for teams at HBS’ Rock
Center for Entrepreneurship, and as Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the Hult Prize, where she then continued to 1:1
mentor Magic Bus Kenya, helping them tighten their business model and revise their investor pitch, leading them to
win the $1 million prize in 2016. She has also been tapped as a Capital Advisor for the Unreasonable Lab, and has
served annually as a judge for multiple business plan competitions including Harvard Business School’s New Venture
Competition, Haas’ GSVC, and for Mentor Capital Network and the Resolution Project competitions, where she
provides coaching and feedback afterwards for teams that need small adjustments to unlock the potential for more
successful capital raises.

A mentor and educator at heart, Tami has developed a loyal following for her proprietary heuristic framework,
InvestingSMART/ScalingBESTÔ, which she has lectured on at Harvard Business School, Yale, and UPenn. She was part
of the curriculum development committee that shaped the Transformational Leadership course for UN headquarters
and field staff from across agencies and continents, playing an integral role in creating curricula and teaching weekly
modules on leadership, resiliency and systems thinking to inspire this generation of leadership to move innovation
and impact beyond current frameworks.

A dynamic speaker and featured keynote, Tami has inspired audiences at the World Forum at The Hague, Social
Finance Forum, SEEED Conference, Oxford University, and +Social Good as a moderator for their Master Class, and
investor audiences at Rockefeller & Co Wealth Advisors, MIT Enterprise Forum, McKinsey & Company, Opal Financial
Group, Family Office Assoc (FOA), and the HBS Club of NYC. She co-curated the inaugural TEDx UNPlaza, emceed TEDx
Concordia, co-chaired a conference on youth and technology live-streamed globally from the UN General Assembly,
and delivered the closing keynote for the UN 70th anniversary NGO Conference, as well as being tapped as a Reunion
speaker on impact investing for Harvard Kennedy School.

Tami earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, with a triple minor in business, economics and
communications, and MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, with a focus on multi-sector management strategies and
curricula spanning HKS, HBS, and HLS. At Harvard, Tami was elected President of the university-wide student
government, served as the Graduate Rep to the Provost’s Committee on Computerization, and rowed crew for HKS
and HBS.

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